Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shelf Life.

People at the "Bookcases" forum at have been discussing do-it-yourself shelving units. Here's mine, built about 8 years ago.

I based my plan on the fact that most sheets of lumber come 4X8. One sheet of 3/4" lumber, cut lengthwise, gave me a 2X8' base and a 2X8' top. A second sheet cut into quarters gave me 4 2X4' sections.

Here's a top view showing two versions. (I used the bottom version). Both plans show a 2X8' base laying flat on the ground, with a 2X4' section vertical at each end. (The top plan shows two more 2X4' dividers with thin plywood sheets - approx. 31"X4' - separating front and back. In the bottom plan, I kept the thin plywood divider whole, but cut the two center 2X4' planks into four 1X4' planks. Confused?)

Here's another diagram showing the basic materials and how they were used:

Here's a few more views of the finished shelves: